Cervical Cancer

Cervix is the lower part of the uterus which opens into the vagina. When the abnormal cells of the cervix grows out of control cervical cancer occurs. Cervical cancer can be easily detected in the early stages by a test called ‘Pap test’. In the year of 2016 12,990 cases of cervical cancer were registered in the United Sates only with 4,120 deaths.Most kinds of cervical cancer is caused by a virus known as Human Papillomavirus or HPV. There are many types of HPV. But every kind doesnot results in cervical cancer. Some causes genital warts which doesnot have any symptoms.  The main causes of cervical cancer are smoking, usage of oral contraceptive pills and getting multiple pregnancies. The symptoms of cervical cancer includes irregular bleeding from the vagina excluding menstrual cycle, pain in the lower belly, pain during having sex and abnormal vaginal discharge. Everykind of cervical cancer is not fatal to the women. Treatment that includes surgeries and chemotherapies have been proved successful in treating cervical cancer in the initial stages. Surgeries such as hysterectomy,brachytherapy,trachelectomy,  removal of pelvic lymph nodes with or without removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes, chemotherapy and radiations helps in treating cervical cancer. There are various ways in which cerival cancer be prevented. Barrier protection that is usage of condoms while having sex, screening and vaccination are the ways in which cervical cancer can be prevented.

  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Causes- HPV, Smoking,OCP and Multiple Pregnancies
  • Diagnosis- Biopsy, Precancerous lesions, Staging
  • Prevention- Screening, barrier protection and vaccination
  • Treatment- Hysterectomry, Brachytherapy and trachelectomy

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